What is Whumf?

Whumf is a cartoon action word - it’s like the force of the wind you feel when standing on a platform and a fast train suddenly thunders through the station; it’s like the whumf of air coming out of the crash mat when a stunt man lands after a long fall.  It’s the feeling we all get during a film shoot.  Whumf!

When it all gets too much.....

....and my job is going crazy, I like to laugh as it’s a good way to stay calm and focused - being stressed is bad for your health! 

I will intermittently update this page for your enjoyment.  Here are some of the silly photoshopped pictures I’ve made.  Enjoy!

Whumf! It’s maths fun time.

So if you have a pizza and the radius is z and its thickness is a, its volume would be pi x z x z x a