Our World War (2014)

Comedy Cuts (2007-08)

Bedlam (2009)

Battle Stations (2000)

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The IF.Comedy Awards (2007)

Line Producer

Producer: Rohan Acharya

Production Company: ITV Productions

Broadcaster: ITV2

One hour documentary about the Edinburgh comedy festival, talking to new and established comedians about their festival experiences over the years. Exclusive footage from the 2007 IF.Comedy Awards plus interviews with the nominees and the winner, Brendon Burns.

Street Retreat (2006)

Production Manager

Director: Vivienne Howard

Producer: Lynda Regnier

Production Company: World of Wonder

Broadcaster: Channel 4

One hour documentary following four extremely successful and wealthy people as they seek to discover what is missing from their lives by taking part in a homeless retreat on the streets of New York for five days, with nothing but the clothes they stand up in.

Natural Porn Killer (2006)

Production Manager

Producer /Director: Sasha Olofson

Production Company: World of Wonder

Broadcaster: Channel 4

One hour drama-documentary examining serial killer Ted Bundy’s manipulation of religious right-wing campaigners and their protest against porn.  Featuring Bundy’s final interview given exclusively to a preacher.

The Penis Envy Season (2005)

Production Manager

Producer /Directors: various

Production Company: World of Wonder

Broadcaster: Channel 4

3 x one hour documentaries about the male genitalia.  Programme titles “The Perfect Penis”, “Chopped Off - John Wayne Bobbitt Story”, and “The World’s Biggest Penis” say it all.

The Me Generation (2005)

Production Manager

Producer: Sarah Mortimer

Production Company: World of Wonder

Broadcaster: Channel 4

3 x one hour documentaries looking at artists’ self portraits from around the world. Written and presented by Matthew Collings.

Imagine: Chuck Close (2005)

Production Manager

Director: Bernadette O’Brien

Production Company: World of Wonder

Broadcaster: Channel 4

1 x one hour documentary profiling one of the most famous living artists in America. Chuck Close discusses his work with Alan Yentob.

Combat Club (2004)

Production Manager

Director: Duncan Smith

Producer: Camilla Deakin

Production Company: Lupus FIlms

Broadcaster: Channel Five

13 x half hour documentaries training children in thirteen different martial art forms; from stunt fighting and sumo wrestling, through to kendo and capoeira.  Each week featured a costumed demonstration of  each form of combat.

Infamous Fives (2002-03)

Production Manager

Director/Producer: Gavin Claxton

Production Company: Fireside Favourites

Broadcaster: C4 & E4

2 series of eight x half hour darkly comic documentaries looking at themed celebrity excesses, with interviews, archive material and animated reconstructions.


Queen Victoria’s Letters: A Monarch Unveiled (2014)

Production Manager

Director: Ian Denyer

Producer: Susie Attwood

Production Company: What Larks

Broadcaster: BBC4

2 x one hour documentaries looking at Queen Victoria’s life through her diaries and letters.  Written and presented by A.N. Wilson, quotes by Anna Chancellor.