My experience:

  Filming with children, including combat training & stunt work;
  Filming on or near water;
  Filming with pyrotechnics, explosions and firearms;
  Filming stunts, complex fight scenes, combat reconstructions and full burning man;
  Filming historical costume reconstructions;
  Filming with the Royal family, both documentary and studio shows;
  Multi-camera and multi-hidden camera shoots;
  Filming with high octane vehicles, planes and military machinery;
  Filming in volatile territories and third world countries;
  Arranging visas, permissions and travel to many countries including Russia, Philippines, Sudan, Rwanda and Brazil;
  Running actor auditions and castings;
  Location research, contract negotiation and on-site health and safety;
  Arranging stunt teams and stunt training;
  Sourcing, negotiating and contracting music and archive materials, incl works of art;
  Script breakdown and drama scheduling;
  Reality filming 24/7 out on the streets with several contributors;
  Website management including streamed media;
  Responsible for health and safety during production;
  Creating and managing budgets, schedules, cash flow and cost reports;
  Ensuring compliance on all technical and legal issues;
  Good knowledge of photoshop and basic website building;
  VFX element shoots and CGI filming;
  Full clean license for car and motorbike.

The beginning

I started my career working as a personal assistant to, among others, Simon Cowell at Fanfare Records and Jonathan Ross at Channel X.  I then moved into production working for Vera on the Rory Bremner Show cutting my teeth on the topical programme.  After coordinating for a few years, I moved into production management at Flashback Television.  Organising accurate reconstructions of second world war battles with massive military vehicles, costumed extras and pyrotechnics gave me the foundation for my ‘anything can be achieved’ attitude that I still have today.  My work has been varied and challenging but I haven’t been thwarted by a shoot or a budget yet!

When I’m not at work

I’m a bit of a petrol head and love anything car or motorbike related.  I rock climb and love camping.  I also enjoy gardening and restoring properties, and have a good knowledge of the construction industry and building trades, including costings and schedules.  I love stand-up comedy and watching movies.

Claire Otway

Producer - Line Producer - Production Manager

I have been working in film and television production for twenty five years, and as production manager/line producer for the last eighteen. Most recently working on the BBC WWI drama series “Our World War” and feature films such as action thriller “Montana”, ghost story “Soulmate”, and brutal revenge horror “The Seasoning House”.  I have also worked on a wide variety of projects including historical drama documentaries, magazine and lifestyle shows, multi camera/OB shoots, children’s programmes, studio shows, animation and entertainment. I have arranged filming all over the world, including troubled territories.