In Our Blood (Development)


Psychological Thriller

Director/writer: Stephanie Zari

Producers: Claire Otway, Isabella Marchese-Ragona

Production Company: Moving Pictures Media

Tragic psychological thriller about the broken bond of triplets, their twisted quest to fill the void and one man's mission to stop them.


Trinities Aren't Meant To Be Broken

After the devastating death of their sister, two surviving triplets struggle to overcome the harrowing grief. Confined to the care of their Jehovah Witness uncle, they eventually fly the nest of oppression to their isolated family home and embark on a dangerous and twisted quest to regain their identity. As devotion turns to obsession, one man’s faith threatens to break their bond forever.

Writer/director Steph Zari has already made two short films, the most recent “Dawn” made the BAFTA long list 2014.  Dawn has been now developed into a feature called “IN OUR BLOOD”.

We are in the final stages of script development for In Our Blood and currently have a kickstarter campaign running for some development funds.  If you would like to help fund the film, please get in touch.  You can also find out more about the project and support us on our Kickstarter page: HERE